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alanna [userpic]

sometimes i feel like stealing your seed

November 11th, 2009 (09:21 pm)
current location: United States, North Carolina, Swannanoa
current song: josephine foster & the supposed - the most loved one

so, i'm blogging again. there, it's true. all adventures in grammar and song, did you miss them? now in the mountains, i have disclosed too much and too little, and i plan to keep it up here.
well, not here. livejournal never did feel natural. just ask.

alanna [userpic]


September 5th, 2007 (07:46 pm)

current location: new orleans, la
current mood: insane

no real time to update, of course.
just letting everybody know that i've got a new AIM screenname... so alert the media:

send some words over, and you might catch me... or perhaps brandon, mallory, py, leroy, or whatever other imbeciles are occupying the house. at this point we have only one computer with internet, and it is mine, so i thought i'd share the chat as well. and talking on there to you as individual is more awesome than blogging, by far.

oh and
if you're in new orleans
fuckin come over
1909 jackson ave, the middle door, ragnarok

i hope you are all well.

alanna [userpic]


June 18th, 2007 (08:28 pm)
current location: home home
current song: brett and morgan reading "slumber party"

check out this sweet craig's list post that brett wrote for me. please come!

EDIT: does anyone have a card table we can borrow to set stuff up on? let me know... thank ya, loves.

alanna [userpic]

you oughta be smiling too

June 11th, 2007 (10:18 am)
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current location: memphis, tn
current mood: melancholy
current song: jeffrey lewis - chesea hotel oral sex song

last night i was bitten by a dog who i was in the middle of pettting and praising for being so sweet. well the bite itself isnt that bad but it got a nerve in my wrist so my whole right hand cant operate as it is painful, swollen and kinda numb. long story short, i am slowly learning to do everything one-handed inckluding tping. it SUCKS. dogs suck and the world sucks. i am waiting for dad to bring me some antibiotics and being miserable. booooo.

alanna [userpic]

i'm losing my friends and my young dreams

June 8th, 2007 (04:33 am)

current location: memphis, tn
current mood: lonely
current song: throwing muses - colder

SO i created an art party livejournal community... woo! if you are a member of the party, i think i attempted to invite you, so you can accept that invitation behind this link (hopefully). if you're interested in joining, please do so!! let me know if you want to make the layout all sweet, also.
YES i'm lame, i already know. but i love the Party!! and i want everyone else to love it too. the Party has so much love to give! give her a try. it can be a beautiful thing.

alanna [userpic]


May 24th, 2007 (11:52 pm)

current location: home!
current song: your heart breaks - the rats

is the zombie walk!!
call me or something.

(also look where i will be living next year!)

alanna [userpic]

brain pain

May 2nd, 2007 (12:17 am)

current location: dorm
current mood: anxious

yes, yes, i'm writing my paper, let me alone.

alanna [userpic]

i am the sum of all the parts you make me

April 9th, 2007 (02:16 pm)

current location: new orleans, la
current mood: exhausted
current song: erin tobey - master pattern

hello, all. it's been a long time, as usual. every time i try to come around and post, i lose interest or the internet takes away what i've written. evil machines.... anyway, i'm mostly here to tell you that my cell phone is currently dead because i left my charger in BR. so if you have to call me, direct it to me at the art party main office phone line, at (504)865-3906.
other than that, things are okay. spring break ends today.... it's been a good run. i'd tell you more about it but... i don't really want to. you can imagine that it was pretty good. roof parties, TTT show, rita's baby shower, whiskey, etc. all the sights and sounds!
also, i am looking for a place to live next year, starting in august. i do not want to live in the dorms again. so.... please be my roommate or let me know if you know someone else in need. i'll have a car (as long as i get my license this summer) so i can handle living away from campus. help!

alanna [userpic]

i was walking through a pinball tilt built landscape

February 2nd, 2007 (09:21 pm)
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current location: new orleans, la
current mood: discontent
current song: aesop rock - coma

oof. everything....
i'm no good at this livejournal anymore. there's too much else to do, and i really don't find much satisfaction in recounting my life through text anymore. it's taking other forms though.. the art party site is looking beautiful and we just got our new forum up and running. trash trash trash has been playing shows, we were reviewed in today's school newspaper, and we recorded a stunning 7 tracks in the studio last week which are almost finished. i've been taking lots of pictures with my new digital camera, which you can see on facebook or flickr or (soon to come) on the art party art page. other than that, i don't really know. school is unmotivating, work is dull, and i am bored with life.

tuesday was my birthday. i went to see the queers because my friends were there... it was fun. 6/8 of TTT was present, which was pretty hilarious. tom gave me a beautiful card (crayon on top of some old class reading of mine) including a gorgeous portrait of everyone's favorite humanist, karl marx... my love. brandon gave me some nitro2go, the new subtle album, a dinosaurs coloring book, and a framed doseone picture! check this out:

"Subtle recently shared Thanksgiving short of all their tour earnings, Dose's laptop, and other personal belongings thanks to a theif in Spain. They are in serious need of help, as now without this money, they are in debt. For a measly $20 donation to the cause Doseone will create a personalized portrait of you (or whoever you would like)." -- anticon website

this is what brandon sent in.

click it to see doseone's interpretation.

doseone is my hero. listen to his music or read "the pelt" if you get a chance. as far as i'm concerned, he's a genius. at least check out his blog post about doing all these portraits of fans.

in other news, mallory and rachel dyed my hair again and now i feel like a cotton candy unicorn/cloud person. go figure. too bad i still don't want to exist.

now it's friday night and i am sitting here on the internet... i think i'll go rearrange my cd collection like a dork and call it a night.

also, fuck college. i'm so over it.

"Fumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
And yawn and stretch, and my life is a mess
And if I never make it home today, God bless" -- Aesop Rock, "9-5ers Anthem"

alanna [userpic]

if i've said it once, i've said it a thousand times

January 10th, 2007 (10:01 pm)

current location: new orleans, la
current mood: headached

I know most of you don't live in New Orleans, but if you do please please please come to a glorious show tomorrow night at the Green Project. Check out a map.

At 7pm there will be a screening of Style Wars, a 70-minute documentary about grafitti, breakdancing, and early hip hop culture. Afterwards there will be music! Sets from the mysterious Hot Dish, the conflagratory TRASH TRASH TRASH, and the amazing Japanther. Expect free food, dancing, purchasable commodities from the bands and Iron Rail Book Collective, great music, good folks, and free floating art everywhere you look. Bring your brain and your box of crayons, we're having a freaking art party. Please come!
love and peace.

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